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Chevy Lift Kits & Coilovers For Sale

When it comes to American made quality and performance, there is a big reason Chevy trucks are at the top of the mountain. With a tradition of power, reliability and performance that has drawn a following of off-road enthusiasts as well as workers who lean towards dependability and utility, vehicles with the name Silverado, Sierra, and many others have a special place in the hearts of their owners.

HaloLifts knows that no truck comes off the factory floor being up to the standards of some of our customers. Whether you need that next level of suspension performance or you just want your vehicle to be a creation all of your own to suit your tastes and show off what you think is cool, HaloLifts is right there, along for the ride. Most of our lift kits are even bolt-on for easy installation!

Our Chevy lift kits fit pretty much all of your favorite models of Chevy trucks, spanning a long number of years to give you the best build for your favorite truck. From basic lifts and shocks to entire suspension kits, we offer a comprehensive list of build options for your next lift project.

What we have

  • Shocks (front and rear): Beefier shocks for better performance, ready to take on the needs of a lifted vehicle much better than stock components
  • Spacers: A simple build option that can give you just a little bit of lift. Ideal for leveling front and rear suspension cheaply and effectively.
  • Coilovers: A good option when you don’t want to do a total suspension build. A combination of spring and shock absorber that works well with OEM parts and bolt holes.
  • Entire lift kits: This time it’s serious. Rebuild your Chevy truck suspension and give yourself the maximum amount of lift and control with entire lift kits

Much, much more!

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