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F-150 Leveling Kit

Despite the changing world of crossover Ford segments, the Ford F-150 still holds a reputation for being sturdy, well-designed, and made only from the highest-quality material. Even putting its superior safety features to the side, the Ford F-150 is known for its versatility, being used as conventional trucks, school buses, pick up and panel trucks. Having been launched in 1948, it remains one of the best-selling trucks due to its classic style and manual transmission. The Ford F150 is hands down one of the best off-roaders and is perfect for anyone looking to adventure out beyond paved streets and easygoing, standard traveling.

This is where the F150 leveling kit can take this classic truck one step further. Here at Halo Lifts, we offer the latest leveling and lifting kits that help get your ride through any terrain!

What Is A Leveling Kit?

Leveling kits are all about getting your truck back to its proper height or the height it needs for off-roading and rough terrains. Leveling kits F150 are an inexpensive solution if you’re looking to protect your bumpers and exhaust from debris and rocks. They can raise your truck about a maximum of 3 inches further from the ground. Leveling kits are also used for customization reasons, such as allowing bigger tires for your truck and giving your vehicle a more aggressive stance. Even better, these kits were designed to be an inexpensive, affordable solution for truck drivers looking to modify their vehicles to better suit their needs.

What Types Of Leveling Kits Are There?

At Halo Lifts, we provide three main types of lifts and leveling depending on what you’re looking for. Our main one is our F150 leveling kits, which lift the front and rear of your vehicle separately to even out your truck. You can use spacers, strut extensions, U-bolt, or block setups to level out your suspension. These kits are also perfect if you’re in desperate need of a more immediate lift. 

F150 Coilovers are our second kit and are mainly used to gain a lift in your system without a total rebuild. They often work together with the leveling kit F150. They are strong, unobtrusive, and easy to install! They also allow you to use OEM parts and bolt holes to add brand-new elements to your existing suspension. 

We also offer Premium Ford Lifts as our third kit, which is perfect for a complete lift for your Ford truck. Most of these kits are designed for maximum ease and are quick, bolt-on installations. These lifts are split into body Lifts or suspension lifts. These are perfect for off-roading- making your vehicle stronger and more resistant to debris. 

No matter what kind of lift or leveling you are looking for, Halo Lifts has all the hardware you need to get the kind of lift you’re looking for!


How Do I Install A Leveling Kit?

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Pick A Leveling Kit From HaloLifts!

Our Leveling Kits F150 is perfect for any customer looking to upgrade their truck. Our goal is to provide all truck driver enthusiasts with quality customization. Call in and speak with one of our trained professionals before starting your next project; we are happy to help you decide the best way to outfit your vehicle. Whatever type of leveling you’re looking for, contact Halo Lifts or browse our inventory online for top-notch products today!