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Ford Ranger Lift Kits & Suspension Upgrades from HaloLifts

When you start putting work into your Ford Ranger, whether the oldest model whose history stretches back to 1983 or the recently introduced model, you may realize that it is a significant undertaking. Moreover, incorporating Ford Ranger lift kits & suspension upgrades is a common expenditure for most truck enthusiasts with this high-performance automobile.

Furthermore, the latest Ford Ranger model boasts incredible styling revisions that can impress anyone looking for a mid-sized truck with power, energy, style, and versatility. The new Rangers present more robust looks with a new frame-mounted steel bumper, grilles, and aluminum hood with two bulges.

These trucks provide even better performance with Ford Ranger lift kits & suspension upgrades from HaloLifts. At HaloLifts, we only carry products for Ford Rangers assembled in 2019 or newer.

What We Offer

    • Premium Lift Kits: Ford Ranger Lift kits & suspension upgrades can enhance off-road clearance, driveline geometry, provide better steering, and addition of larger tires. With the proper lift kits, your lifted Ford Ranger will become stronger and perform better. At HaloLifts, we have premium lift systems ranging from Coilover kits to front and rear springs.
    • Coil Overs: Our Coilover lift systems for Ford Rangers can give your vehicle up to 34” tire clearance. Coupling springs with the shocks, these units enable you to combine OEM parts with bolt holes to add new components to your lifted Ford Ranger.
    • Suspension Accessories: HaloLifts also offers a range of suspension accessories to complement your Ranger component systems. They include the exhaust, boss spanner wrench, and SPC ball joint kit for ball joints. Get the awesome look of a Ford Ranger today!

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HaloLifts carries an extensive range of quality Ford Ranger suspension products. Our team of friendly experts is committed to helping you find the best parts for your vehicle while ensuring excellent customer service. Order your preferred parts online and have them delivered to you for free. You can also contact us online or call us at (303)518-2114 for any queries.