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Raptor Lift Kits & Suspension Upgrades from HaloLifts

From the same company that brought the Model T, the Mustang, the Cobra, and even Bigfoot, comes the latest from a pedigree of other iconic vehicles. The Ford Raptor is one of the most recent vehicles of our times that has captured the attention of truck enthusiasts. With cutting edge design and construction, which fuses light-weight body/chassis design and a powerhouse of a high-performance engine, you might wonder how to make your raptor even better.

HaloLifts has just what you have been looking for. Our Raptor lift kits fits 2010-2019 Ford Raptors. From rear spring kits up through Stage 1 suspension systems and all the way up to Stage 4 suspension system upgrades, we offer entire suspension systems, coil springs, and adjustment collars which all take your Raptor beyond factory builds.

Our Raptor Products

HaloLifts has all sorts of lifts for your Raptor, from entry level tweaking with leveling collars to total suspension rebuilds with a combination of kits.

  • Leveling kits: One of the easiest methods to lift your truck is with an attitude adjustment collar, which can adjust your lift .5-2.25″.
  • Rear leaf springs: Lift the rear of your Raptor 1″ and eliminate the factory block with this upgrade.
  • Coil springs and adjustment collars: A good place to start when adding just a little bit of lift and beefing up your suspension.
  • Front and Rear suspension: HaloLifts gives you the selection you need to make your Raptor your own with front and rear kits.
  • Premium lift kit systems: A comprehensive suspension build including front and rear springs, and hydraulic control. An easy install with OEM shock location for a fully serviceable build, the design allows for re-valves, rebuilds and easy access to service to keep you on the road.

How do I get these?

Order directly online and have it shipped to you for free! Our team of experienced technicians can answer just about any question you have. All you have to do is call with any questions. Customer service is something we take pride in nearly as much as the equipment we sell!


Call us today at (303) 518-2114 or order directly online! Turn even more heads and dominate any terrain you can throw at your Raptor with HaloLifts!