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GM Lift Kits For Sale

Among domestic trucks, GM holds a place at the top of the list, as well as the hearts of their drivers. GM has been around nearly as long as there have been automobiles and has a long-standing reputation for reliable and durable trucks; not only for work but also play. HaloLifts provides OEM ready parts for your GM truck which are easy to install and will leave your truck riding high and ready to tackle just about any terrain. Most are even bolt-on for easy installation.

Our parts cover 2007 to current makes and models of GM, GMC, and Chevy trucks. With just a few additions and modifications you can go from a stock truck to something aggressive enough to handle the backroads and weather of Colorado. If you want to run larger tires, increase ground clearance, or are looking for the perfect aggressive stance, a HaloLifts suspension upgrade is the answer.

Chevy: We carry an assortment of shocks, spacers, coilovers, and even entire lift kits. Depending on the project and the type of terrain you want to handle, we have what you need, all with OEM compatibility for ease of installation.

GM: For a more aggressive stance or just the ability to handle rougher terrain than your reliable stock suspension, we have you covered. Shocks, spacers, lift kits, and rear block assemblies are what you need to get the job done.

GMC: From Pro-truck sport shocks and Boss coilovers to HaloLifts Boss Ultimate lift kit assemblies for 2007-18 Silverado trucks, we have what you need for your 2007-current year GMC truck.

HaloLifts Products

  • Leveling kits: Even out your front and rear suspension. Our leveling kits can lift your truck 1”-3”.
  • Pro-truck sport shocks (front and rear): These aren’t your factory shocks. Serious shocks for serious terrain and a better ride.
  • HaloLifts Boss Ultimate Kits: A complete lift kit system, complete with spacers, coilover springs, and so much more.
  • 2″-2.5″ front spacers: These OEM ready parts bolt right on to your suspension and give you plenty of lift for your 2007-current year GM.
  • Coilover springs: Add lift and keep your suspension tight and neat.
  • Total Chaos upper control arms: 2WD and 4WD compatible for GM 1500. Year 2014 and later.

How do I get these?

Order directly online and have it shipped to you for free! Our team of experienced technicians can answer just about any question you have. All you have to do is call with any questions. Customer service is something we take pride in nearly as much as the equipment we sell! Call us today at (303) 518-2114 or order online to get started with your latest GM, GMC, or Chevy truck project today!