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GMC Sierra Lift Kits & Aftermarket Parts

GMC Trucks are among the best when it comes to rugged, high-performance vehicles. But truck enthusiasts have never been the kind of people to leave well enough alone, and some of us feel like there is no limit to perfection. Improved clearance, beefier suspension, and the addition of high-performance shocks is the recipe for turning a great truck into an awesome truck. Our clients love to make their vehicles their own and HaloLifts is happy to fuel that passion for performance by supplying Colorado with our GMC Sierra lift kits and GMC aftermarket parts. Browse our inventory to find the perfect lift kit for your GMC Sierra 1500!

What We Supply

HaloLifts provides custom GMC Sierra lift kits that fit nearly every model of GMC truck from 2007 until present. We offer GMC Sierra lift kits, shocks (front and rear), spacers, coilovers, and a variety of other GMC aftermarket parts. We have a wide selection of parts from a variety of manufacturers as well which will fit your needs.

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If you want to run larger tires, increase clearance, or level out your front and rear lift, you need a HaloLifts suspension upgrade. GMC Sierra lift kits bolt on easily for a secure and customized fit. Ideal for Silverado, Sierra, and other GMC trucks, the modifications you do not only perform amazingly, but they also look great too.

Colorado road conditions are not for weak trucks, so it is wise to purchase a lift kit for your GMC Sierra 1500. Whether it is the harsh conditions of Rocky Mountain winters or taking your truck off-road, our parts will improve the performance of your vehicle. Weather wrapping is also available for our coilover spring kits, which protect them from road salt with a black carbon vinyl material.

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Contact HaloLifts today at (303) 518-2114 and speak with one of our trained professionals before starting your next project. We are happy to talk trucks with you as well as the best and most effective way to outfit your vehicle for whatever the road throws at it!