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Hammer Built Bronco Modular Tailgate Reinforcement System

Hammer Built Bronco Modular Tailgate Reinforcement System


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SKU HB-03-00008

Hammer Built Bronco Modular Tailgate Reinforcement System

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Made in the USA by Bronco owners, this spare tire support kit was designed to increase the strength of our tailgates by displacing some of the weight of spare tire load to the structural hinges. The extra support reduces creaks/squeaks/ and helps prevent any damage to our light weight aluminum tailgate.  Those who trail their Bronco often, or are utilizing heavier wheel/tire setups, will benefit from our system the most!

In addition to adding the much needed reinforcement to our Bronco tailgate, we wanted to create a modular system to secure our favorite off-road gear to the exterior.  Add the Hammer Built Bronco Tailgate Support Accessory Arm and your choice of 1, 2, or even 3 gallon Rotopax fuel/water storage containers.  Extra range adds peace of mind on those long stretches between fill ups!  In lieu of more fuel, recover yourself or a friend on the trail by attaching set of ARB tred pros traction boards!   (Ask us about our new mounting hardware!)

The Accessory Arm also allows for mounting an antenna/flag/chase light by adding the REQUIRED  Hammer Built Bronco Tailgate Support Antenna Mount Bracket.


-ISO certified military grade textured powder coat

-high quality zinc/stainless hardware

-paint protecting Delrin conical spacers

-100% made in USA

-will work with most 37" tires with the addition of the Hammer Built Bronco Third Brake Light Extension

-install video

*Pictured Rotopax accessories not included

*most accessories can limit the range of motion of the tailgate, be mindful of the taillight clearance when opening!

SKU HB-03-00008

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