Sliver Med Pack


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    A specialty first aid kit to remove foreign objects such as slivers and splinters from the skin.

    • Tools and supplies for common sliver & splinter injuries

    • Tweezers with built in led light for easily locating slivers

    • Recommended by medical professionals

    • HSA/FSA approved

     3 TRIPLE ANTIBIOTIC OINTMENT - Helps prevent and treat most minor skin infections.


    3 1"X3" BANDAGES - Adhesive bandage used to protect minor cuts and scrapes from infection.


     SUPER HAND WIPE - 6"x8" Sanitizing towelette that fits right in your pocket.


    3 SLIVER REMOVERS - 3 straight edge tools that assist in sliver removal.


    MAGNET - Magnet can be used for removal of metal shards.


    FLASHLIGHT TWEEZER - Convenient all in one tool makes locating slivers and removing them a breeze.


    MINI MAGNIFYING GLASS - For ease of locating slivers or splinters.


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