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Ford F150 Lift Kits, Skid Plates, Coilovers, and More!

Are you looking for the best Ford F150 Lift Kits, Ford F150 skid plates, or Coilovers for your vehicle? Whether it is to lift the height of your vehicle, get a better view from your truck, or protect your truck parts, we got you!

In the ever-evolving crossover Ford segment, the Ford F-150 remains the best-selling truck in the United States due to its performance, versatility, quality, and style. The Ford F-150 trucks were launched in the U.S. in 1948 and featured the classifications of F-1 to F-8. Equipped with a manual transmission, most of these trucks were rated by weight as conventional trucks, cab-over-engines, pickup trucks, panel trucks, and school buses.

Today, the F-Series truck models wear a new, fresh face with significant changes to the interior. This new model (the fourteenth generation) features a 12.0” touchscreen, a stowable gear selector, and five engine options. Undoubtedly, the F-150 is perfect for off-road champs and great for hardworking everyday drivers with adventurous spirits.

Best of all, you can make your ride even better, more challenging, and more reliable by incorporating the right Ford F150 leveling & lift kits and F150 suspension lift upgrades from HaloLifts . As a trusted Ford F-150 parts dealership, HaloLifts carries only the latest products – produced in 2013 or newer.

HaloLifts is your one-stop shop for truck lifts, suspension accessories, and vehicle upgrade systems. Read on to get recommendations on the best truck lifts, coil overs, and suspension accessories for your vehicle.

What We Offer

  • Premium Lift Kits – At HaloLifts, we offer a complete system of Ford F150 leveling & lift kits, including the front, back springs, and all the hardware you need to enhance your ride off-road.
  • Coil Overs – Our Coilover lifts allow you to give your vehicle a simple lift without necessarily rebuilding it. With shocks and springs, these systems let you use OEM components and bolt holes to add any new element into your current suspension.
  • Suspension Accessories – F150 suspension lift upgrades are great systems that allow you to add larger tires to enhance the beauty and handle rough terrains.

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  • At HaloLifts, we work with a team of experts with extensive experience providing superior parts and unmatched customer service to our customers; and we can help you in your upcoming Ford truck lift project. Call us today to ask any questions you may have and order your product online and have it shipped to you in no time

What Kind of Lift is Best For You?

Would you like to make your truck stand out? Do you want to elevate the look of your vehicle? If you are wondering what type of lift is best for your truck, here are two types of lift you should know:

Body Lift

If you want a less expensive lift for your truck and you want to go for larger wheels and tires, you should get the body lift. With body lifts, you don’t need to change the suspension or steering of your truck. The suspension of the truck usually affects the height of the truck, but with a body lift, the ground clearance remains the same. However, the large wheels and tires can also give the truck a lift.

The body lift kits raise the body of the truck by 1 inch to 3 inches. You should go for this lift type if you want something inexpensive and if you like large wheels. It also fosters a smooth and comfortable ride. You can use large tires up to 33 inches.

Suspension Lift

If you want to lift your truck 6 inches and more or you want to build your own unique kind of truck, a suspension lift is your best bet. It expands or replaces the previous suspension system. You can install large tires and also get ground clearance. You can also get a bigger lift than that of the body lift.

A suspension lift is a great pick for those who drive off-road. It makes your vehicle strong and fit for the doggedness of the road off-roaders’ ply.

If you want a high-performing vehicle, you should get suspension lifts. Check out our shop to choose the desired lift kits for your truck.

Add Extra Protection With F150 Skid Plates

Ford F150 skid plates protect your truck’s transmission, fuel tank, and other systems from damage. With ford F150 skid plates, you can give your truck that extra protection. Skid plates can sometimes be confused with belly pans, but they are not. Skid plates are mostly made of aluminum or steel. They are thicker and do not get damaged easily.

Ford F150 skid plates are a great addition to your truck if you plan to go off-road. It is a must-have for an off-roader. Check out our ford F150 skid plates.

Our Coil Overs Are Better Than Ever

A Coilover suspension gives support to the wheels on your truck when taking turns or accelerating at high speed. It allows you to adjust the ground clearance of your truck according to your preference. Coilovers are like shock absorbers, and they upgrade the performance of your truck. With our coilovers, you can also lower your car when you drive to avoid scrapes or scratches.

We provide quality and best-rated protective coilovers for your vehicle that you can’t get elsewhere. Check out our coilovers.

Get All Your Suspension Accessories Today

Our experts at HaloLifts have a wide range of experience in the provision of vehicle body parts and ford F150 lift kit installations. If you need professional lift installation and suspension accessories for your vehicle, reach out to us today!