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HaloLifts Boss Aluma Mountain Package Fits F150 2009-Current

HaloLifts Boss Aluma Mountain Package Fits F150 2009-Current


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HaloLifts Aluma 2.0 Ford F150 Lift Kit Mountain Package HALMP


Our shock bodies are made from hard, anodized aluminum. This Ford F150 lift kit package is adjustable from 2-3 inches of lift. There are no spring or compressor tools needed for installation, as we provide our HaloLifts F150 coilovers assembled and ready to bolt on. This kit also features a preload adjustment tool at no additional cost! Shop HaloLifts for all your F-150 suspension needs!

To help prevent shock fading and cavitation with our nitrogen-charged design and internal floating piston. A heavy duty 16mm induction-hardened piston shaft and lower eyelet with rubber bushing and a steel sleeve makes for quiet, maintenance free operation. These shocks arrive preset at 2.5 and include a FREE Spanner Wrench. They are also fully rebuildable, giving you the ability to customize the way you want!

The Rear Shocks in our HaloLifts Aluma 2.0 Mountain Package are nitrogen-filled and can accommodate up to 2.75 inch rear blocks. Enjoy the benefits of progressive valving, Heim join mounting points, and aluminum bodies for unsurpassed performance. These Rear Shocks come with a 1 year warranty from manufacturer defects. The Rear Shocks MUST be installed boot down.

The Rear Block is made from solid T6 Billet Aluminum. They're available in 4 sizes for purchase: 2.0, 2.25, 2.50, and Raptor Tapered Style 2 3/4- 2 5/8.

Our most popular rear block we sell is the 2.5"

The SPC Upper Control Arm is factory pressed in frame mount bushings. It features ball joints that are booted, grease-able, and have cam style adjustment to achieve specific alignment specs.

***We have had customers install this kit on F-150's with Adaptive Cruise Control and BlueCruise, and have not had any issues***

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Rapoza
Do not buy this package for F-150 3.5 EcoBoost

I purchased this package 4 years ago. After install I was very happy with the stance of the truck but the front looked a little high. After measuring, I found that the truck was lifted 3.25” in the front when the fronts were supposedly set to 2 or 2.5” of initial lift. The truck also went from riding pretty good (stock) to riding lick a stock F-250… every crack in the rode was emphasized. (The truck looked good though) I decided to try the shocks at 2.5” and did not notice much difference in the ride stiffness. i put the truck back to the “max height” of 3” and ran it. . Since then, I have been in love with the look, and hated the ride. Especially over wash board roads. After 4 years I have a blown out front right shock, and have finally decided to drop it down to 2” of lift from stock before I go to Bilstein shocks. I have warn out the front bearings, and the SPC upper control arm bushings started clunking which Prompted me to buy a set of their over priced upper ball joints from misdiagnosis on my side before realizing that the bushings were actually making the noise.

I have ben extremely dissatisfied with this kit. It makes me wish I stuck to stock… i even contacted ELKA the shock manufacturer, and they were willing to take a look at the tuning of the shocks, but I already had them installed, and was not about to struggle with the factory coil over studs again. ( they were a bit tough to get out without disconnecting the sway bar links.

I just got done installing new bearing hubs, and CV shafts which reminded me how much I hated this kit.

Also the front coil over created tight clearances to the CV shaft, and the upper ball joint and tire. My tires have been riding at about 1/8” from the SPC Upper ball joints, it has not been a problem for me
In the desert, but I could see it being an issue where there is more mud.

Finally, the rear shocks seemed way too large. They rode at 2/3 compressed down the high way. It prompted me to add some blocks to my bump stops to try to avoid bottoming them out when the truck flexes through ditches.