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HaloLifts F250/F350 Suspension Lift Kit

HaloLifts F250/F350 Suspension Lift Kit


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HaloLifts F250/F350 Suspension Lift Kit: HALOSD

The HaloLifts F250/F350 Suspension Lift Kit is designed for people seeking the best on-road and off-road quality. Increase the off-road capabilities while improving the comfort and handling on-road of your F-250 or F-350.

2017-2019 F-250 & F-350 Approx 2.5" of lift

2020+ F-250 & F-350 Approx 3.5" of lift

Super Duty Tremor Approx 1.5" of lift

The 2.0 IFP shocks provide the optimal combination of firm and stable handling for driving on desert and fire roads (sports car feeling), plush compliance while off-road driving over washboard, strong ramping effect for extra bottom-out protection over large dips and washes, and maximum articulation and traction for rock climbing.

Here are a few benefits:  High-performance off-road capabilities, improved handling and comfort for casual driving on-road, better traction, provides leveling capabilities for better weight distribution, and increased protection against bottoming-out.

The ride enhancements that you get are: Spring setup optimized for better attenuation of vibration, leading to major noise reduction in the cabin (much less squeak and rattle), damping characteristics optimized for each truck and setup, providing a smoother ride, increased comfort in both on road and off-road conditions, especially over washboard and square-edge impacts, more stable and more predictable handling, reduced front-end diving when cornering or braking, reduced rear-end bucking and lifting,  increased damping and spring rate for better handling when towing or loading truck.

Package includes two (2) HaloLifts rear shocks, two (2) HaloLifts front shocks, two (2) coils, rear blocks with u-bolts, adjustable track bar, adjustment shims, brake-line relocation brackets, and all necessary hardware!

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