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HaloLifts Stage 2 Tremor Kit

HaloLifts Stage 2 Tremor Kit


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SPC Cast and Camber Kit
SPC Upper Control Arms

Boost your off-road capabilities and enhance comfort and handling with the HaloLifts Stage 2 Tremor Kit. Ideal for Tremor models,these are adjustable while installed, for 1" to 2" of lift over stock Tremor height, and come preset at 1.5", and upgraded UCA's for improved performance. The 2.5 reservoir NON DC shocks provide firm handling, plush compliance, and maximum articulation for the ultimate off-road experience.

With four position-specific shocks, including 2.5 with reservoir NON DC front coilovers and 2.5 reservoir NON DC rear shocks, experience superior handling and control. Plus, no issue with adaptive cruise control and BlueCruise on F-150s. Expertly crafted for optimum performance.

This HaloLifts Stage 2 Tremor Kit features a massive 2.5 in. hard-anodized aluminum body. Built from durable CNC-machined and forged aluminum parts, it offers heavy-duty 3/4 in. induction-hardened shaft and a triple sealing system for a smoother and cooler operation. Upgrade your vehicle's performance with this direct, bolt-on replacement that uses stock shock locations and Elka's durable high-tensile alloy springs. With a proprietary ultra-low friction oil blend resistant to high operating temperatures, this coilover kit is fully rebuildable for long-lasting use.

Experience improved handling and comfort for everyday driving, while also conquering off-road terrain with better traction and protection against bottoming-out. This kit also offers leveling capabilities for optimal weight distribution.

These are adjustable while installed, for 1" to 2" of lift over stock Tremor height, and come preset at 1.5"

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