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JKS Ford Bronco Max Tire Clearance Kit JKS8300

JKS Ford Bronco Max Tire Clearance Kit JKS8300



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JKS Ford Bronco Max Tire Clearance Kit JKS8300

JKS builds on the capability of the new Ford Bronco with a new Max Tire Clearance Kit designed to optimize the front wheel-well to install larger tires on your stock height or lifted Bronco models. High strength body mount brackets improve clearance while allowing compatibility with stock and aftermarket "stubby" bumpers.

  • Heavy duty 3/16" steel construction for body mount brackets
  • High clearance body mount provides a clean look with mid-width and stubby bumpers
  • Allows for larger tire fitment at all ride heights - Max tire size is dependent on lift height.
  • Full clearance through wheel travel at 2-4" of lift with 37x12.50 tires (17x9 to 20x9 with 4.5-5.5" backspacing recommended)
Can be installed at any ride height Max tire size dependent on suspension system height Will fit 2022 Bronco HOSS 3.0 model as optional upgrade.

All JKS products are protected by a limited lifetime warranty to ensure they are free from manufacturer defects in material and workmanship so you can go with confidence knowing your JKS parts are covered.

  • 5 Year, 100,000-mile PLUS Protection
  • Free, no cost protection for JKS customers
  • Could save thousands on possible repairs
  • Easy online application process
  • Available for most late model vehicles

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