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SPC Performance Ford Ranger Front Upper Adjustable Arms 25670

SPC Performance Ford Ranger Front Upper Adjustable Arms 25670


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SPC Performance Ford Ranger Front Upper Adjustable Arms 25670


Improve droop travel, drivability and tire wear with SPC's adjustable front upper control arms. Fit bigger tires without rubbing fenders. Featuring a greaseable ball joint and rubber isolated Axis bushings, this arm is designed to correct alignment angles on standard height vehicles as well as lifted and lowered vehicles while maintaining factory ride quality. SPC's tube and plate arms are made in our facility in Colorado. Their proven design provides the strength and durability needed for the most demanding environments. These remove and replace arms are sold in pairs. - Get more droop travel: Don't let the OE ball joints or mono-ball articulation limit your travel. SPC joints are oversized and provide 80° of travel. - Get your drivability and tracking back: Your truck may have started to 'wander' after you lifted it. That is because you lost caster. Install SPC arms and get your 'drivability' back by putting your alignment in specification. - Improve tire clearance: Are your oversized tires rubbing the fenders or frame rails? SPC Adjustable Arms, in combination with the OE adjustments on the lower arm, allow you to dial in alignment SPCS at the same time that you move the tire forward/outward in the wheel well by up to 1". NOTE: For Rangers with aluminum knuckles ONLY

Product appearance and features may vary in the market as design changes, improvements and modifications are implemented.. SPC Performance Ford Ranger Front Upper Adjustable Arms (PR). Alignment Caster / Camber Control Arm. FORD RANGER ADJ UPPER ARMS. ADJ ARM PR

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